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From an abusive home, through 32 Ole Ladies, lots of drugs, guns and prison to Ordained Minister, Trained Counselor, faithful husband and father. 

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Are your children in trouble or Have they broken your heart?  There's something you can do about it.

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Forgiven Motorcycle Ministries at ANGOLA  PRISON in Louisiana.  Selected ministers from Forgiven went to Death Row for special ministry.  Forgiven has special favor in prisons.
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When you think about going to church, what kind of vision does that conjur up in your head?

Have you been burned and discusted with traditional religion? 
Us too, so don't feel alone or like some unforgivable reprobate

- - nobody's that good of a sinner - not even you! 

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of some SAFE churches that are biker friendly.
How Do Bikers Do  CHURCH?
We Aren't Preachers Coming To You
We Are You
Jesus would have ridden A Harley
He was a lot like you & me
He was considered a RENEGADE
The government didn't like him
The church killed him
He had only a few Brothers to hang with
Snoopy's Story